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About us

The way we see it

Keeping an eye on technical efficiency and quality control, avoiding small and fatal errors in every parameter often seems impossible. Not in our eyes. We measure the unmeasurable in a totally transparent way. And that is less complicated than one might think.

Mission Possible

When processes are clear, good decision making becomes easy. It is our mission to help you make the right and often crucial safety decisions based on metrics rather than on experience or guesswork. We develop smart products and partner services that keep an eye on what could not be seen before. It is not magic. It is what we do. It is a business.


Measuring leads to insight, and, insight leads to control.

This is the credo for anyone who manages operations. The right information leads to good management decision making. No one likes to be blind in a dark room looking for a black cat.

Strict standard conditions and procedures hardly ever exist in the real world. Wear and tear of hardware, unpredictability of nature and human error are affecting all the different layers of one’s organisation.

Bevolve brings a new tool to the operation. By transforming the unmeasurable, the unpredictable and the fickle physical world into simple viewable and definable data. Where are your trains? Do the brakes still work? Have the roadsides been properly trimmed? Are the planes filled up?

We don’t rely on unrealistic grand schemes or clever desktop consultancy. We work with swift and simple physical interventions on the ground level. You can call them tools. Or patches. Or upgrades. We call them ears. Ears to the ground.  No need, any longer on routine, self-reporting or sheer luck. Do not settle for less. Your organisation can be smarter today, why wait till tomorrow? And smarter tomorrow than today. It all starts ears to the ground. Start listening.

That's how you Bevolve.