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Are you getting bevolved?

We are a young Belgium based engineering business offering IT and automation solutions for travel, transport and logistics industries. Harbours, airports, freight trains and even mines run complicated processes that need as much control over every single parameter as possible. But in reality, most of the time this feels like a mission impossible.

And that's where we come in.

We detect, measure and record anomalies that are often overlooked, simply because they seem un-trackable. Our innovative tech provides solutions by improving the technical processes in challenging and impossible realities. We provide the metrics that allow you to run your business with total confidence: towards your shareholders, clients and staff.


Reliable and easy brake checks for the railway industry at your fingertips

As the first app-controlled pressure regulation device for the railway industry, Moby is a welcome add-on to the smart wagon. Allowing more reliable, faster, and transparant brake checks, anytime, anywhere. The device is an ergonomically designed light-weight suitcase built from robust quality material with a friendly user interface. It's fairly simple to connect your Moby to existing operations without any interdependencies. A multi-language web app makes the desired data available in real-time by answering some simple questions.

Moby allows rail operators:

  • to reduce the time spent on brake tests
  • to limit the usage of expensive locomotives and drivers
  • easy rollout to existing operations
  • compliancy with safety and regulation standards

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Technical measurements for remote locations

All technical equipment needs periodic audits, but interruption of production is not always an option. This small battery powered device provides temporary or permanently monitoring made easy on the toughest locations, reading a range of sensors to perform measurements on technical installations.

Moni allows:

  • Long term measurements on remote locations
  • Real-time monitoring available
  • Broad range of sensors available
  • Ideal for remote, difficult to reach locations or changing locations
  • (GPS) tracking available

Ideal for:

  • On-site analysis of pneumatic braking systems
  • Tear detection of valve diaphragms

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Tracks operations through analysing vibrations and sounds

VIBE is an easy to install monitoring device that tracks the operation of machines and processes through analysing vibrations and sounds. Through machine learning and user feedback, this technique can be quickly implemented to monitor crucial processes and detect deviations in the normal operations. VIBE starts where standard sensors fall short. Due to its unique and robust design and operational versatility, the roughest environments are no longer a challenge. On top, there is little or no need to make changes in the design of existing machinery.

Monitoring with VIBE gives the opportunity to analyse the most untamed processes and first hand information to make well substantiated decisions, for example follow up of production capacity or automated detection of anomalies.

Ideal for:

  • Detection of dragging parts in a railway environment

    Train wheels are made for rolling on rail without dragging or dragging parts to avoid damage to its wheels or infrastructure. Our sensor detects anomalies in a multitude of configurations.

  • Operation of agriculture machines

    A wheel or axle can turn: but is your machine working properly? Smart monitoring in order to detect real operation rather than movement.

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Unlimited power wherever whenever you need it

Data sensors and communication modules need a reliable power source. Bevolve is developing a power generation system which can be implemented in freight trains to power up the sensors in a universal way.

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